About Sirola Training Method

Sirola training method represents an approach to training process developed as a result of long work in fitness, rehabilitation as well as in physical performance of young athletes, recreationists and professional athletes too. This method unites long experience and continuous education with the wish of reaching the best possible results.

The core of this method is represented by the movement based approach, which implies biomechanical and functionally correct movement in every level or content of physical performance. Sirola training method is thus satisfying equally various requests of training process with regard to the quality: coming back to training after injury, recreation fitness or high-performance sports conditioning.

The training system is based on the fact that human body functions as unit in which strength and force are transported through myofascial meridians which maximizes functional performances. The main focus in training is oriented towards the optimal balance between the mobility and the stability of locomotion system as well as towards the core efficiency with regard to the energy transfer. In other words a complete freedom of movement without limits or asymmetry with regard to the mobility, stability as well as efficient motor control as a prerequisite for quality physical performance.

This approach unquestionably brings results regardless the age or gender, level of physical performance or fixed goals. Sirola training method is not the method specialized only for one sport; it is widely applicable to all sports with required familiarity with specific biomechanical, motor and functional characteristics of each sport individually. Guided by the fact that every human body is an individual with different physical predispositions, capacities, history of injuries, the advantage of this method lies in the fact that it maximally emphasizes the individual approach to the training process.

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